Senators on our Imperial Senate

In recognition of our dedication and fun attitude to costuming, V.I.P’s. within the Star Wars community have actively supported the Emerald Garrison and its members at various events throughout Ireland. They have kindly agreed to become Senators on our Senate.

David ProwseDavid Prowse

David Prowse

Darth Vader

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Michael KingmaMichael Kingma

Michael Kingma

Trfful - Wookie

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Dermot CrowleyDermot Crowley

Dermot Crowley

Gerald Madine

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Brian MuirBrian Muir

Brian Muir

Vader Sculptor

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Toby PhilpottToby Philpott

Toby Philpott

Jabba Puppeteer

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Kenneth ColleyKenneth Colley

Kenneth Colley

Admiral Piett

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Matthew WoodMatthew Wood

Matthew Wood

General Grievous

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Chris MunckeChris Muncke

Chris Muncke

Captain Khurgee

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Anthony ForrestAnthony Forrest

Anthony Forrest

Sandtrooper / Fixer

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Mike QuinnMike Quinn

Mike Quinn

Nien Nunb

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Chris ParsonsChris Parsons

Chris Parsons


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Bonnie PiesseBonnie Piesse

Bonnie Piesse

Beru Whitesun

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Garrick HagonGarrick Hagon

Garrick Hagon

Biggs Darklighter

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Julian GloverJulian Glover

Julian Glover

General Veers

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Femi TaylorFemi Taylor

Femi Taylor

Oola - Twi'lek

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Billy Dee WilliamsBilly Dee Williams

Billy Dee Williams

Lando Calrissian

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Mike EdmondsMike Edmonds

Mike Edmonds

Logray - Ewok

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Will SlineyWill Sliney

Will Sliney

Comic Artist - CW

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Tim RoseTim Rose

Tim Rose

Admiral Ackbar

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Stephen StantonStephen Stanton

Stephen Stanton

Captain Tarkin - CW

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David AcordDavid Acord

David Acord

Skywalker Sound

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