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Guinness World Record for most gadgets!

Guinness World Record for most gadgets!

Heroes & Legends member Julian Checkley sets a World Record.

One of our members, Julian Checkley has earned himself a place in the Guinness World Record book for his amazing BATMAN costume.

Inspired by the Arkham Origins video game the costume was constructed from 3-D printable pieces which were then moulded and cast in a flexible urethane rubber. The trimmed parts were then detailed and painted, before being attached to a specifically designed undersuit.

When all suited up… Julian strikes an imposing and awe-inspiring figure, standing at over 6” 10’ tall.

Normally on a film set, each gadget is centred on separately and it’s only bought into view specifically for that shot, whilst the rest are not even present… not here. The suit is outfitted with 23 gadgets, all perfectly working and all built right into the suit.

Julian’s even managed to include a few of the gadgets that have been seen in the movies and comics over the years, including a grappling hook, batarang, and smoke bombs.

Here’s the full list of gadgets on the Guinness World Record-setting costume.

1. Fireball shooter. 2. Gauntlet video screens. 3. Bat tracking beacon. 4. Batsignal projector. 5. Folding batarang. 6. Grapnel gun. 7. Cowl respirator. 8. Pneumatic tranquilizer gun. 9. Ultrasonic anti-dog device. 10. Bat shurikens. 11. UV lamp. 12. Ball bearing grenades. 13. Gauntlet flashlight. 14. Medical kit. 15. Battery pack. 16. Laser designator. 17. Bat-cam. 18. Strobe stun gun. 19. Gas dispenser. 20. Smoke bombs. 21. Bat flask. 22. Concealed laryngeal microphone. 23. Two-way radio.

Check out Julian's video below

The most challenging gadget was the 2000watt EMP Stun Gun for which Julian enlisted the help of an electrical engineer as the 23 gadgets increased in complexity!

The World record is technically for the ‘most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit’, but I'm sure you'll agree that the costume itself is pretty awesome too!

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