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Malin Head, Inishowen

Malin Head, Inishowen

A Galactic Invasion! Ineuran Bay, Malin Head, Inishowen

Emerald Garrison members, David Brown & Gareth M Scott, 'Bad Guys Doing Good' patrol the coastline at Ineuran Bay with Inishowen Tourism staff.

At a viewing point overlooking Ineuran Bay, Inishowen Tourism staff encounter two mean looking members of the Emerald Garrison patrolling the coastline. Cautiously approaching the two guards, they find out they are a TIE Pilot and Reserve TIE Pilot stationed in Inishowen to search for what they describe as “Rebel Scum”...

Read the full article on the 'visit inishowen' website here.

Photography: Brendan Diver

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